“The more you put into New Hampshire, the more you get out.
This profile originally appeared in StayWorkPlay’s “9 to 5” blog series and was supplemented with an additional interview. Read the blog here: Pine and Bars: Re-Inventing Digital Marketing In New Hampshire.
A native of Bow, New Hampshire, Michael Browning is a textbook “boomerang” –  someone who returned to his hometown for a promising career after exploring other options.
He studied consumer affairs with a focus on marketing at the University of Alabama before returning to the northeast to work for a sports marketing company in Boston.
With newfound experience in digital marketing, Michael set out to start his own company specializing in branding, social media engagement, website and ecommerce—and he decided to do it in New Hampshire.
Under the leadership of Michael, who serves as creative director, and his team, Pine & Bars Co., has worked with high-profile clients like LinkedIn, L’Oreal Paris USA and Canada and The Today Show's Mario Armstrong—all without having to relocate to Boston, New York City, or even Silicon Valley.
In New Hampshire, Michael has the freedom to work from pretty much anywhere. In fact, he recently started, ran and then sold one of the first-ever Snapchat filter design companies in the nation, all from his kitchen island in Concord. Adding to that freedom is the fact that he can be in New York for a meeting in the morning and make it back to New Hampshire by dinner time.
Fun Facts:
  • Michael’s company, Geotag Filters, was one of the first Snapchat filter-focused companies in the country.
  • Michael is the son of the owner of Concord’s Cobb Hill Construction.
  • Michael’s mom is Vermonter.
Source: StayWorkPlay - March 17, 2017